Shock that police release evidence on Michael Brown

I feel very sorry for the Brown’s loss of Michael, Jr. I can only imagine what losing a child feels like. I never want to experience it.

However, the Brown family has to know that Michael’s life will come under scrutiny.

The Brown family attorney said that the public should not care about the 18 years leading up to Michael’s death. It’s not relevant?


We are asked to believe the narrative that’s been set. Michael, “the gentle giant,” who was about to go to college.

He wasn’t a gentle giant, as the now released video evidence. That doesn’t mean he should have been killed. But don’t ask me to not believe my lying eyes.

Truth be told, most people knew something was up when the narrative was developed. The unfortunate truth is when we hear “black teen,” it connotes the same thing as when we hear “black neighborhood.” Both are a product of Liberalism.

And what black Liberals do impact black people all over the country.

The reason black people are profiled is because of black Liberals. The reason employers are leery of hiring blacks is because of black Liberals. The reason cops are on high alert when they are around black people is because of black Liberals.

Black Liberals have an excuse for everything. Even with video evidence to the contrary, the Brown family attorney wants us to forget that Michael robbed a store, and bullied the store owner. Why? Because he could.

Michael Brown’s activities led to his tragic death.

Was the cop bad? Who knows. But you can’t taint the narrative of Michael Brown, then expect people to believe the narrative established for the cop.

This is the problem. In the narrative painted originally about Michael Brown, the cop had to be bad. That’s the only narrative that provides profit and the proliferation of the Leftist ideology that cops hate black people.

But the real narrative of Michael Brown’s life sheds a light on what possibly might have happened, and that is what the Left would like us to ignore.

It also opens up the possibility that the cop may not have been completely bad, as originally depicted. In this scenario, there is no money or ideological gain by the Left.

Let’s go bigger picture. If cops are so bad, how are black people surviving encounters with police?

As Paul Harvey would say, “It’s time we got the rest of the story.”


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