Guess what Liberals say Ferguson PD needs

We are being told now that the Ferguson Police Department needs more diversity.

Just so we are clear, understand that black people who want to “Kill the cops!” want the Ferguson PD to hire more black cops

Growing up, most little boys wanted to be a cop, even if only briefly. Not little black boys. They are told at an early age to not trust cops.

So the irony of Liberalism is “they want what they hate.”


As this article reports:

Some believe the relationship between Ferguson police and residents might improve if the makeup of the force was more diverse.

Even though the population of Ferguson is overwhelmingly African American, only three of the 53 officers on the force are African American.

“Diversity is one of those things we’ve been trying to do since I’ve been with the department,” said Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson.

Jackson said he has been recruiting officers from minority backgrounds and has also been offering better pay. Jackson said the department has lost some minority officers because of better offers from other departments.

So now we get closer to the truth, and that is black cops from Ferguson are happy to leave for better pay and better opportunity to come home alive.

Typical Liberalism where they create the problem they need to solve.

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