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Hillary Clinton hints at NOT running

Hillary Clinton tested the water, and found out it’s HOT!

Like Barack Obama, Hillary is not presidential material, and she knows it. The difference between her and Obama is she will bow out and not make an ass of herself.

Clinton admitted to Charlie Rose of PBS that the job of president is too difficult for her; that the president must be head of state and government. She’s wrong. Obama made the presidency more difficult, by usurping the Constitution and Congress.


Clinton added that being president “has only gotten harder” and it is now an “all-consuming commitment.”

I predicted these would be her excuses. She will ultimately say that she wants to be a grandmother, and her life in public service has been stellar, blah blah blah.

Clinton went on to say in effect she’s too lazy to do the job:

“[Being president has] all of the symbolic and ritualistic aspects…hard work of politicking, lobbying, governing, operating.”

And then there is that job of working with Congress, who frankly doesn’t like her.

What a blow to the feminists, as Clinton admits that although she is the smartest woman EVER, she’s not up to the task.

“You’ve got to get the money from the Congress to really improve what you’re doing, personnel policies, and all the rest…So the job is as challenging as it’s always been, but I would say almost to a degree of amplification that’s hard to imagine.”

She left room for a potential run, but know that this is not just coming from Hillary Clinton, but the Democratic Party itself.



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