Judge deals blow to Head Negro in Charge

Obama knew that Eric Holder didn’t qualify for executive privilege, but as with all things in the new Era of Idiocy and brazen “in your face” antics, Obama was willing to try to protect his DOJ House Negro.

Remember this exchange (video) between Holder and Gohmert on Hamas?


On the subject of Fast and Furious, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has decided it is “Black Power!…with white supervision”, in ruling is that  Obama overstepped his bounds.

Time to face the music, Holder.

Remember that Obama and Holder wanted to run guns into Mexico to create enough havoc that they would have an excuse to provide amnesty to millions of illegal Mexicans. To put this another way, two metrosexual “pen and phone” thugs shipped guns to the street banditos of Mexico.

The conspiracy is that Obama and Holder wanted the Mexican banditos t0 execute their own people with these guns, thus providing a reason to for Obama to nationalize 11+ million Democrat voters.

How’s that for a foreign policy? And it’s so pro-America, to boot.

But it didn’t work.

America found out about it, and then the cover-up began. But thanks to a Freedom of Information Act Lawsuit pursued against the Department of Justice by government watchdog Judicial Watch, the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ruled that a list of documents being withheld from Congress under Obama’s claim of executive privilege must be turned over.

Keep in mind that the most open and honest administration of our time fought turning over the documents, thus forcing Congress to hold Holder in criminal and civil contempt of Congress in June 2012. Since then, Holder has been daring Congress to do anything.

For the time being at least America has the “open” provision of “open and honest.” What I can guarantee you is that the Obama administration will rarely be honest. Too many people of their people would be jailed if that happened.


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