Rapper shot by best friend while filming rap video

Typically, art imitates life. But with rap music, life imitates art; oftentimes, with dire consequences.

Recently released video from a Bronx bodega shows a man pumping multiple, close-range gunshots into his another man, then pistol-whipping him as he laid on the floor in critical condition — all without spilling his drink.

And these guys are BEST friends!

Adding insult to injury, the shooter and his entourage then calmly stepped over the 37-year-old victim, and exited stage left — so to speak.

According to store’s owner, the rappers

“…were fighting over who’s the star, who’s better. They were drunk. They spit at each other then one guy pulled out a gun and shot the other guy five times.”

A man who claimed to be friends with both men said, “They had what you call ‘artistic differences,’ and, unfortunately, that’s how it was resolved.”

For the average citizen, it’s unfathomable that “artistic differences” could have sparked such a despicable and primitive display of conflict resolution.

As discussed in my book, The Un-Civil War: Blacks vs Ni**ers”, there is a sociopathic subculture that fearlessly exists within the African-American community, and their hair-trigger tempers routinely yield fierce (even deadly) ‘chest-beating contests’ over trivialities.

In fact, a simple web search will confirm the seemingly infinite amount of senseless shootings and/or assaults stemming from “someone staring at someone” or “someone disrespecting someone.” In this violent and dysfunctional subculture, life is a cheap commodity.

Despite this reality, the bleeding hearts would rather believe that this entire incident could have been avoided had someone reminded the shooter about New York’s gun ban.

As far as the shooting victim, I guess we’ll have to wait until their makeshift video premiers on B.E.T or World Star Hip Hop to see if he made the final cut.

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