Liberals want child care as an entitlement

It’s not enough that America pays for housing, food, education, and now healthcare for the poor.

Of course we have the now famous Obamaphones and a host of other taxpayer-funded goodies other nations would not conceive of paying for the poor.

Yet with all that Americans provide, Leftist advocates are asking for us to pay for child care; because Obama can’t create jobs.

How do you pay for your child care? It’s a struggle at times. Most people with kids have balanced that equation of “Does a parent work or stay home and take care of the kids?”



It’s not always an easy answer, as it depends on a lot of factors. But the main factor that is missing in that equation for black parents is ONE PARENT!

Blacks have a major problem in that most of our families now are represented by just a mother and the kids. And this lack of responsibility by black men is now supposed to be society’s problem?

I have only been responsible for the birth of four children. I have not even influenced the birth of other children by saying thing like, “You two would have beautiful children,” or “You would be great parents.”

That is a personal decision. If you choose to accept that responsibility, it is your choice.

Liberals say if there were more jobs, they wouldn’t need the government to potentially rob us of our money to pay for their lifestyles. Then fire the government who can’t create jobs!

You don’t penalize the people who are already paying for your livelihood. Further, you don’t encourage behavior that continues the cycle, like teenagers who believe they are ready to be parents. If you don’t have a job, don’t have a child.

Liberals sexualize children, glamorize parenthood Hollyweird style, their children appear to be adornments, most of whom know their au pairs and nannies better than they know their own parents. The bourgeois Left makes it look easy.

Parenting is tough. I can’t tell you how many things my sons’ mother and I could not do, because we didn’t have child care; but it didn’t matter. We just couldn’t do it. We modified our lives to fit our situation, because that’s what parents do. We’d all like to think, “If I didn’t have kids, I’d be a rock star.” We traded “living the dream” for being parents. We accepted the fate we created.

My grandparents who raised me never had child care. They built a lifestyle that allowed them to care for my brother and I, and it was a sacrifice. Children require sacrifice.

This idea that government should be at the ready to bail people out for any and all reasons is asinine. If you have children, they are your responsibility. The taxpayers understand the hardships and are there to help…occasionally. But don’t try to guilt us into adopting and raising your children.



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