Mexico must have bathhouse pics of Obama

Mexico must have pictures of Obama in those Chicago bathhouses, because there is no reason they should have an American Marine in their jail.

Don’t we have five badass Mexican banditos to trade for Tahmooressi? I’m jus’ sayin’, Esse!

I know if I were president for a day, Mexico would return Sgt. Tahmooressi with a quickness. Unfortunately I am not president, and America has a nutless president who has taken up golf and vacations as his “work.”

Because we have the worst Commander in Chief in the history of this country, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi has been ordered back to prison by a Mexican judge.

Perhaps we could start a rumor that Mexico plans to cut off Tahmooressi’s head so Obama leaves the golf course long enough for a press conference. So much for Obama’s pen and a phone, the ability to cut Mexico’s American-taxpayer funds, and the remnants of a once powerful military.

Despite Obama’s attempt to gut the military, I know a few Marines who could handle the NARCO terrorists (including Holder and Obama), and go kick some Mexican ass to bring Tahmooressi home.

It has been reported that Mexican authorities will move forward with prosecuting Tahmooressi for entering the country with military-grade firearms.

It’s bad enough that Tahmooressi has spent over 100 days in jail for an innocent mistake. He wasn’t in Mexico trying to get MexiCare or bringing drugs, under-age prostitutes, or smuggling Jihadis. No, Tahmooressi just made a wrong turn.

The 26-year-old veteran of two tours in Afghanistan was being treated for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder related to his combat. He was in San Diego for treatment related to his PTSD, having moved from Florida. When got to the checkpoint, he did the responsible thing, and declared his weapons.

The rest is history.

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