So much for putting black guy in charge in Ferguson

The Liberals love to “color” things, and Ferguson is a great example.

Governor Jay Nixon decided to appoint an HNIC, which doesn’t stand for Hockey Night in Canada. The Head Negro in Charge in Ferguson is now Capt. Ron Johnson. And Johnson “walked among the people,” as he was anointed, then gave his press conference.

Johnson may be a great cop, but he could use some media work. First rule, don’t begin by speaking about yourself in third-person, Floyd Mayweather.

“This is not about Ron Johnson…blah blah blah.

If it’s not about you, Ron, then don’t mention you by name.


Anyway, the appointment of a black person to calm the animals is insulting. But ignorant racists like Jay Nixon don’t understand such things, as the patronize.

And talk about falling for the nonsense, as Ron Johnson reduced the police in this highly volatile, high crime environment.

The animals obliged, as even more looting occurred in Ferguson. As I stood earlier this morning doing a hit on Fox and Friends, behind me was an army of cops, as I counted 37 marked police vehicles, and there were at least 20 unmarked. I guess that strategy of telling the criminals that you are lessening presence didn’t bring out the greater nature of brotha man?

What a slap in the face to law enforcement, particularly the white officers who must patrol Ferguson, and have been doing so dutifully for decades. The problem isn’t with the thugs and hooligan in Ferguson (or any other Liberal urban indoctrination center), it’s the fault of the police. If they would only quit arresting black people, problem solved.

What next, have Eric Holder put a quota on arrests?

“As of July 17, no more black people can be arrested…we will turn our attention to innocent Koreans.” – E. Holder



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