This NOT just in: Obama is a FOOL

We were told that Obama is cool. No matter what, Obama maintains that “Never let them see you sweat,” demeanor.

That’s changing, as the Left misread the memo: Obama is a FOOL, not cool!

Obama’s demeanor has always been of a boy wanting to play a man. And even hardcore Liberals are beginning to see through Obama’s facade of being thoughtful and pensive, and now recognize it for what it is: Cowardice.

White House Press Secretary is grilled in this video about Obama’s lack of a plan:


Obama struts and takes on tough vocal tones in an effort to look cool under pressure. But when the gun fire breaks out, even the Utopians know that Obama belly-crawls behind women and children, following them to the nearest exit.

In speaking of the crises in the Middle East and elsewhere, the smartest president ever (not!) said this to supporters:

“If you watch the nightly news, it feels like the world is falling apart…”

It “feels like” it? The world IS falling apart!!

While counseling the military to stand tall against jihadists and other possible worldwide threats, the Commander-in-Grief has this to say:

“I can see why a lot of folks are troubled…the world has always been messy — we’re just noticing it now in part because of social media.”

Social media!? I guess FDR didn’t notice the messiness of the world during WWII. If only he had social media!

Coming from a man who gets his updates from the news, I understand this moronic statement. The world is troubled, because Barack Obama is the sissy of the free world, not its leader.

Obama is not cool in a crisis. He’s good at appearing cool, and that works when you are hiding under the radar. But being president requires leadership, a quality I assure you Barack Obama can only fake.

Leadership comes from strife, not pimping your way to the top. Too bad these crises are not about winning the next election or fundraising. Those are areas where Obama is indeed cool, and never let’s ’em see him sweat.

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