Obama IS creating jobs…for TERRORISTS

Need a job? Want to work in a vibrant environment, with lots of benefits? If you’ve been thinking about relocating to find work, Iraq is the place for you.

Obama is living up to his promise, as jobs abound in Iraq. Terrorist group ISIS has lots of openings!

If you are a mechanic, why not leave the oppression of America and head for sunny sandy Iraq, where you can work on the latest in military hardware, left when Obama abandoned people fighting for their freedom, and got thousands of Iraqi military killed.

Got an accounting background? ISIS could use your skills to help them figure out exactly how much money they looted from the Iraqi treasury in their takeover.

If you are a warehouse manager, ISIS needs you to inventory the billions of dollars of American military equipment they “inherited,” when Obama left them the gift that keeps on giving…the stench of Liberalism.

Background in military procurement? ISIS is the place for you! ISIS will need to order more equipment soon, likely from the Russians or the Chinese, unless Hillary Clinton is elected. A Clinton in the White House will mean more free goodies for the terrorists.

Boehner says Obama has no strategy:


Obama says that his job is done!

500 dead men and 200 captured sex slaves, and of course thousands still in harm’s way, but SUCCESS!

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