Obama homecoming dinner with 50 African leaders

In what white Liberals likely thought was a remake of Tarzan, Obama invited 50 African “leaders” to dinner at the White House.

Perhaps it was Obama’s “For the first time in my adult life…I felt at home in the White House” moment.


I’m not sure what Obama wanted to accomplish, except for a family reunion. Obama has been an African dictator for six years, so it well past time to gloat.

Too bad there was nothing to celebrate. Obama has done nothing significant for Africa, and he won’t do anything significant. If “African-Americans” are any indication, I say to Africa, “Run!”

What’s the plan? Get a few more Hollyweird celebrities to adopt a few more immigrant African babies?

It was said that the dinner was to boost ties to Africa. What ties, except Obama’s family ties.

Are we tied to Somalia, the people who commandeer our merchant vessels for ransom? Are we tied to Boko Haram, the group that kidnaps young Christian girls and threatens to make them sex slaves for Muslims? Or what about the RUF who is gang-raping your Congolese women, after killing their parents, and forcing the boys to become killers?

Obama invited mass murderers to the White House, under the guise of “improving ties.” He criticizes our CIA for waterboarding, as he dines with people who cut off people’s limbs for sport!

The only tie we have to Africa is when Hollyweird decides to make “feel good” movies like Blackhawk Down. Oh, and there is that African chick, Ebola.

Obama had this dinner in a TENT. Outside on the South Lawn, and likely with no air conditioning, just to keep it real…Africa hot. I wonder if he wore his Daishiki?

What a moron Obama is to give credibility to these putrid beasts. As I have written, Democrats have made Moron a religion, and Obama is their god.


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