Obama sending young black men to Jihad

Hard to believe there is more “chatter” for attacking America. In a time of America having gone black, turning the tide of our imperial pursuits and our war on people of color, the plots against us have grown.

I guess the radical Muslims haven’t translated the memo, and they continue to plot against the infidels. We are told that ISIS is gaining strength, but we have no reason to fear, because Obama is on the job.

Who needs to be concerned with terrorism, when there are black people to get riled up in Ferguson and elsewhere in America?


But it’s not just Ferguson MO, as the Obama administration’s Jihad Expansion Plan is riling up black folks all over the country, as many have decided that simply “killing Cracker babies” is not enough. The outcome is that black Americans  are fighting for ISIS.

Frustrated young black men are avoiding the “School to Prison” program, and just heading straight to Jihad, likely because there are no more virgins left in their neck of the woods.

Life sucks then you die, as the saying goes, because young black men find more hope living in a Third-World armpit, than they do in their own backyards.

Anybody wondering how these young men are becoming radicalized. FBI? FBI? IS THIS THING ON!

Douglas McAuthur McCainNeither Obama nor any other black leaders have given young blacks any opportunities in decades, as they have blamed whitey for quite some time. Well Leftist America sold young blacks on the concept of white people being the enemy, and they bought it.

The constant message of “White Privilege” is “Black Victimization.” There is no counter message. The very real message that black people are successful in spite of this perceived white privilege, because no matter what; black people endure.

I know, Leftist; I’m an Uncle Tom for saying the truth. That black people ARE successful in America, despite me having NO EVIDENCE.



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