Obama is truly pathetic

I wrote about Obama’s foreign policy, and nothing has changed. It remains that of a three-year old.

Obama has dropped a couple of bombs on a guys who said they will plant the flag of Allah in the White House.

Lucky for the putrid Arab pigs (my apologies to pigs for the comparison) I’m not president, because they wouldn’t have to come looking for me. Here is what ISIS did to Iraqi troops they overran:

What should the Commander in Chief do, when called out like this? Negotiate? Beerfest? This is embarrassing or so many levels. Christians have been isolated on a mountain top and are starving. That might be their salvation, as if caught alive surely these inbred Muslim jihadists would cut off their heads. Can you imagine being one of those forth Americans knowing that Obama is your lifeline?! Just ask the Benghazi four…forget it; you can’t ask them. Obama has put himself between a rock and a hard place, because the man has “Obama” for brains. He’s making life and death decisions for American citizens, based on how it will play politically. Too bad there is no money to be made in saving lives, or the people aren’t Muslim converts like Rob Bergdahl. If only he could trade 200 bad guys to recover the 40 Americans, as 5 to 1 is the going rate, if my math is right. So Obama pulls a Clinton and drops a couple of bombs. That ought to do it!

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