Obama wants TRANSPARENCY in Ferguson

Obama has finally spoken out about the violence in Ferguson, asking for peace and calm. As we all know by now, Obama is a “law and order” kind of guy.

From the comfort of resort town Martha’s Vineyard, Obama reminded police about the use of excessive force against protesters.



It’s amusing how Obama backs America’s biggest black thug, Eric Holder, but he so readily abandons the “men in blue.”

He equivocated, adding that there is no excuse for violence against police.

Unless they racially profile you, ask for valid ID, ask your country of origin, or perform a “stop and frisk.” If any of that occurs, you are well within your rights to cry “racism” and become a COP KILLA!

“There is never an excuse for violence against police or those who would use this tragedy as a cover for vandalism or looting,”

That only took what…a WEEK!

But this gets better, as Obama said that police should not be arresting journalists. The man who routinely intimidates journalists, and treats them like lapdogs, now wants to protect them. I guess oppressing journalists is above Ferguson PD pay grade?

Here’s my favorite part.

Obama has said that the Ferguson PD should be transparent in their investigation. I suggest the Chief of Police ask Obama if he can use Obama’s definition of transparency.

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