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Would it surprise you to learn that yet another Obama administration suck up is deleting emails?

Why don’t the Democrats just set up a .DEM email address where everything gets scrubbed with certain code words are mentioned. Things like Tea Party, Conservative, indictment, investigation, and so on.


According to documents released Friday, the head of ObamaCare, Marilyn Tavenner told a top press official to delete an e-mail related to during the botched launch. Considering how much money was spent on this nonsense, the public has a right to know.

Not in the Era of Transparency.

Apparently last October, Tavenner directly told CMS’s communications director, Julie Bataille, to delete an email chain with White House officials about and contractor Serco. Can’t have anything proving the culture of corruption by Obama’s people. 

“Please delete this email-but please see if we can work on call script,” Tavenner wrote to Bataille, upon receiving an email chain which discussed talking points on getting through the then-nonfunctional Obamacare website and the efforts of Obamacare contractor Serco.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee wrote to Tavenner asking her why she directed underlings to delete the emails. Further, why had she directed any HHS or CMS staff to delete any other communications or documents about

Would it surprise you to learn that Tavenner has been requested to answer these questions? Sounds like Obama will be invoking Executive Privilege soon.

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