Remember when it was just Boys and Girls

“Bring back those simple times of yesterday, when a man was a man, and a friend was a friend,” wrote the prolific singer/songwriter Face.

That statement could not be more relevant today than at anytime in history.

Here is a  video of a man who made a living off the transgender:


It’s all changed, as when a person says, “I’d like to introduce you to my partner,” you still need clarification. But it’s even more tricky in the “trans” world, and just for us Bible-thumping Right-wingers.

I love this story, because it showcases that the tolerant Left are treacherous against the trans community.

Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism, or TERF, is a loosely-organized collective with a message of hate and exclusion against transgender women in particular, and transgender people as a whole. They have attached themselves to radical feminism as a means to attempt to deny trans women basic access to health care, women’s groups, restroom facilities, and anywhere that may be considered women’s space.

Long time feminist and advocate, Gloria Steinem, used to hold an exclusionary opinion, but has since said that she fully supports the inclusion of trans women in the feminist movement, However, not all radical feminists agree. Janice Raymond, author of The Transsexual Empire: The Making of the She-Male authored a paper iIn the early 1980s that the Health and Human Services branch of the U.S. Government used to deny trans men and women trans-related medical care, for example.

The trans community is part of the American fabric. I would hate to be gender dismorphic or whatever it’s called. To feel like another gender while being the other must be horrible. And society definitely discriminates against these people, wrongly so. It’s an issue like any other issue, and we should be compassionate. I believe that most Conservatives understand that we all have our crosses to bear.

The simple times are gone. A handshake no longer means you have a deal. Just because you see two women together, don’t presume they are not together. But what hasn’t changed is our ability to overlook the superficial, and look for what’s inside people. Conservatives are the best at this.



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