Barack Obama: The No Plan Having Genius

Obama recently sent troops to Iraq to free some Christians. He remained true to his word…no BOOTS on the ground, as the 130 military “advisers” that were sent wore desert sandals.

Further, the boots on the ground that Obama may eventually send to replace the ones he brought home will not be wearing boots either.

Watch Krauthammer’s shock at the admission:

Well, I don’t want people thinking that I’m questioning Barack Obama’s war strategy prowess. At this point his administration has admitted to underestimating ISIS/ISIL; and we learned today that he has no plan.

He obviously didn’t plan on ISIS getting $1B of leftover military hardware, $1B in American currency, and taking over oil production which generates billions to the ISIS economy.

One has to appreciate the beauty of Obama’s planning, its lack of structure. That is what makes him a genius. He makes it up as we go along. Sort of like his presidency.

When you think of Obama’s strategy for ISIS, think ObamaCare.

So what he botches rollouts; THAT is part of the plan. So what he botches implementation, gives waivers, and it will ultimately fail. Just remember that Obama is black, Liberals are all-in, and Obama is the smartest president ever.



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