Hillary Clinton doesn’t need a lot of info to be in charge

The Left wants another historical president, and the next village idiot they are touting is Hillary Clinton. The woman who failed the Bar Exam in DC, and can’t name ONE significant accomplishment as Senator or Secretary of State.

Recently Clinton put her foot in her mouth, commenting about the reason Hamas uses schools, hospitals, and mosques to hide their weapons was due to geography, yet another stupid comment, in a string of stupid comments since the launch of Hard Choices.

But it was what Clinton said before the Hamas part of statement that is more telling as this video showcases:

She says, “I’m no military planner,” but she wants to be Commander in Chief? Hillary Clinton is right. She couldn’t be a planner in the military, a job a caveman could do. But as we all know, being qualified has no bearing on whether people on the Left seek power.

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