Liberal Al versus Muslim Al

Liberal Al versus Muslim Al, and I find myself cheering for Muslim Al.

Holy Ali Baba, I’m not sure how Al Gore sold Current TV for $500 million, but he pulled one off on the Arabs. After receiving only $490 million of those ill-gotten gains, Al Gore, apparently now “dead broke” sued for the additional $10 million being held in escrow.

Muslim Al is fighting back, as Al Jazeera America has announced they are suing Al Gore, though not for the rights to the internet and some of Gore’s global warming farce proceeds.


In Al Jazeera America’s countersuit, they argue they are “entitled to the money because Gore and Hyatt did not live up to a promise to indemnify the network for claims made against Current TV.”

Al Jazeera is confident in their position:

As we have said publicly, Al Jazeera is happy to put all of the material facts in the open and allow an impartial court decide the outcome. The Court will soon make a final determination as to the confidentiality of the redacted information.  What is made clear in our suit is the desperate attempt Gore and Hyatt have made to add to the hundreds of millions of dollars they already have received for Current TV.  Al Jazeera America’s complaint shows that the former owners did not live up to their promise to indemnify Al Jazeera America for claims made against it for actions taken by Current TV while it was managed by Gore and Hyatt.    It is a simple business dispute, based on false promises and representations made by Gore and Hyatt.  It’s as simple as that.  The rest of their claims are a smokescreen to prevent people from seeing the truth.  And the truth is what our news organization is all about.​

Brain-dead Liberals thought this man should be president!

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