Clooney divorce countdown begins

So what George “Looney” Clooney got married. In today’s culture this drivel now constitutes news.

I guess first Clooney had to divorce Obama or at least get an annulment, prior to making this union possible?

Regardless, it will be news when yet this Hollyweirdo is dividing his money with another moonbeam Liberal moroness.

And that is what Clooney’s new bride is…Princess of Moronia. But I will let you discover that for yourselves.

The problem with these imbeciles is they don’t like obscurity, thus everything they do must be a production; then they simultaneously complain about too much attention.

I don’t wish anybody bad luck in their marriage, but it is funny to watch these Godless Liberals whine when the love fades, and they face the reality of their fake lives.


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