Democrat Senator busies himself with NFL

Newly minted New Jersey Democrat Senator Cory “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” Booker has a new cause. Stop domestic violence…in the NFL!

Booker wants to strip the NFL of its tax-exempt status.

Keep in mind this is the guy who thinks this is the way to get things done in the Senate (video).


At least NFL wives will be safe from the NFL’s patriarchal, misogyny, and these downtrodden women can now escape the horrible lives of spa days and shopping, and live freely!

I wonder what other corporations Booker will penalize when domestic violence occurs in the ranks?

Holy Rosie O, will Booker pursue LGBT organizations when some butch Lesbian women kicks the crap out of her “wife?”

“Stopping domestic violence is a national priority that requires long-term, meaningful investment…This common-sense update to our tax laws would save more than $100 million over 10 years — money that can instead be used to pay for vital support programs that have seen their funding slashed in recent years due to sequestration and gridlock.”

And here I thought this was about domestic violence, but am reminded this is about sequestration and gridlock. If only the Republicans had not tied up funding, so the NFL wives would be safe from this rampant abuse?!

On the heels of domestic battery scandals that have rocked the NFL, the organization may take a beating financially if New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is successful in passing legislation to strip the league of its tax-exempt status and steer money toward domestic violence prevention programs, Politico reports.

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