Mayor of Chicago’s love offering to Obama backfires

Mayor Rahm Emanuel made a love offering to the black people of Chicago and his former boss Barack Obama in “allahing” a $60 million Chicago North Side high school with his name.

However, Emanuel has been forced to retract his gift.


Emanuel’s war-torn southern Chicago residents blasted him for wanting to name a school on the rich-whitey North Side after the nation’s leader, not that blacks feel any different, as evidenced in PA.

South Side Alderman Carrie Austin commented:

To put it (on the near North Side), that just doesn’t look right.

OK, then how about the South Side? That school would look like a prison within a year.

I say let’s name all the schools after Barack Obama, because all that we are getting out of the education system is failure.

Mayor Emanuel needs to be more original in his homages. At last count, the narcissistic Obama already has thirteen schools, six streets, five animals, one fungi, and one “peak” ~ Mount Obama on the island of Antigua ~ named after him.


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