For Holder justice is black and radical

Eric Holder hates white man’s law. He feels that laws proposed by white men are unjust, thus his animus towards America.

Yet, in his departure from the Department of Injustice, the Left will depict the most racist and incompetent Attorney General in America’s history as Moses the Lawgiver; a man who was for the common man. The Attorney General for civil rights.


We are a country where radical black Nationalists like Eric Holder have taken control and do as they wish, and they use the media as puppets in their political theater.

Ferguson is a perfect example.



When Holder arrived on the scene, he looked like a black frat boy sent to Ferguson to do an exclusive for Black Entertainment Television and then an Ebony magazine shoot, before he personally pulled the lever that released the scaffold to lynch Officer Darren Wilson. All that was missing was his big ‘fro, and his dashiki. Oh, and his gun…

In 1968 there was a confrontation by Holder, et al with police as reported here:

“Armed with guns, the students took over Hamilton Hall, and locked the building from the inside. After some time the black students told the white sympathizers, many of whom were members of Students for a Democratic Society, to leave and contribute by taking over other buildings on campus. They did, effectively shutting down the university. The president of the university ordered the NYPD to smother the protest by force, aided by white athletes and members of the ROTC. Ironically it was the white students in other buildings who bore the brunt of the police storming. Had the police broken into Hamilton, they may have suffered casualties at the hands of the sisters and brothers inside.”

Two years later, Holder was among the leaders of the SAAS that were demanding the former ROTC office be renamed the “Malcolm X Lounge” in honor of the early Black Muslim leader who was assassinated in 1965.


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