BREAKING: Ferguson Cop shot

A Ferguson cop was shot. So were many other cops last night, but there won’t be any protests.

Business as usual for cops.

The shooting occurred in the 1000 block of Smith Avenue in Ferguson, near the new Ferguson Community Center.

The Ferguson officer was on routine patrol, and spotted two suspects attempting to break into a business. When the officer confronted the suspects, one of them pulled a weapon and fired, hitting the officer in the arm.


That’s what “routine patrol” can be for cops, but don’t let the fact that these men and women have a dangerous job impact the social engineering and marketing that is happening by the Left in Ferguson and elsewhere.

The good news is the officer will be ok, and so will the city of Ferguson. Cops won’t be looting and burning down Dunkin Donuts demanding that their job be made easier.

And there is GREAT news for the Leftist race-baiters. No black teens were killed in this incident.

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