The NOT Gay marriage that miffed off the LGBT

I have to admit, these are two NOT Gay guys who have stolen my SO NOT Gay heart with this stunt.

And what’s funny about it, is gay people are the ones offended!


According to the New Zealand Herald,

Travis McIntosh and Matt McCormick wrote their wedding vows yesterday, brimming with”nervous excitement” about their big day.

The Dunedin men will marry tomorrow, but their move has horrified gay groups.

The pair are heterosexual best mates.

Engineering student Mr McIntosh, 23, and teacher Mr McCormick, 24, will tie the knot to win a The Edge radio station competition and a trip to the 2015 Rugby World Cup in England.

Mr McCormick said from Auckland yesterday opposition to the wedding was understandable but the pair never intended to offend anyone.

“We are not here to insult anyone. We are here to do our own thing and travel our own path.” Mr McIntosh said the wedding was not mocking the institution of marriage.

“It’s just seeing how far two good mates would go to win a trip to the Rugby World Cup.”

“We picked up our wedding certificate and the nerves are starting to really hit home.”

They will marry in front of 60 family and friends at Eden Park, Auckland.

Talk about a very NOT Gay thing to do. Marry your mate to win a trip to your favorite sport! How many of my NOT Gay compadres would do this to win a trip to the Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA Championship, and the list goes on.

Heck to get front row at UFC events, I’d marry my best bud; to go again next month, I’d divorce his hairy ass and remarry him again! {Dana White: I’m a HUGE fan!}

The added benefit of this stunt is that it really pisses off gays. They pretend to take marriage so seriously, when in fact the gays are mocking marriage. Well if we are going to make fun of a religious institution, then why not the people who started it!

If anybody should be offended, it’s the people who invented marriage, only to have it STOLEN by gays! If we can take the abuse, gays need to STFU!

Touche my fellow NOT Gay Kiwis. I salute your ingenuity. The Black Sphere team is going to send these guys some flowers for the wedding!



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