Hollyweirdos and their selective racism

Black Leftist see the cry of racism as the lotto, and actress Daniele Watts of Django Unchained was purchasing her ticket.

Watts claimed that a recent detainment by LAPD was due to her being black with a white guy. Did you catch it? A black woman dating a white man has the nerve to pull the race card.

“White people are SO racist…except the white guy I’m dating!”


I guess America has not progressed enough for her, since the only way she would have sex with a white man pre-Republican emancipation is Massa steppin’ out to with one of his slaves.

How all this started is the LAPD received a report of a lewd act being committed by a couple matching the description of Daniele Watts and her boyfriend, celebrity chef Brian James Lucas, aka Cheffy Be*Live.

It turns out that Watts was doing more than being black in LA with a white man; how weird is that in the Land of Diversity and Tolerance.

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According to TMZ  there are photos of Watts straddling Lucas on the passenger seat of a Mercedes with the door open, breasts exposed, and rocking back and forth.

I know it’s hard to believe that a couple of Hollyweirdos would have sex in public, given the gentile nature of Liberals.

Watts asked police at the scene:

“You know how many times the cops have been called just because I’m black and he’s white? I’m just being really honest, sir.”

I don’t know? I’m guessing every time you are found to be having sex in public, but that’s just a guess.

Watts is heard on the TMZ audio saying to the LAPD officer:

“I bet you’re a little bit racist.”

And Watts isn’t. Watts practices “selective racism.” It is she who decides when somebody is racist.

It’s evident, right. That cop didn’t get a report of her sexual escapades; he stalked her and her boyfriend. That’s what cops do, as we have learned from Ferguson. They target black people, because they have nothing better to do.