ISIS terrorist worked at MN airport

We’ve been hearing a lot about American Jihadists, and I contend that Obama is creating them. But THIS CLOSE!

I recently asked the question of whether people believe ISIS is coming, or if ISIS is already here. Concensus was that was a stupid question.



By now most Americans are discomforted by the feeling of knowing that we have enemies in our midst. These enemies have been allowed here by the Left through our lax immigration policies, and the intentional attempt to kill the America that most of us know.

So to learn that there was a terrorists working at the airport will likely not come as a surprise.

Before Abdirahmaan Muhumed went overseas to fight for terrorists, he worked at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. His job was to clean planes.

Can you even imagine the unfettered access this Jihadist had to each and every aircraft. Yet American citizens are submitted to all types of intrusions to get on those potential Jihadist death traps.

What’s more interesting are the¬†selfies Muhumed left, and how did he support himself and 9 children?

When is America going to wake up and discuss the pink jackass in the room, and that is, anybody with a Muslim name and a Jihadist beard is subject to scrutiny.

FBI: Is this thing on!!?

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