Feminizing frats at college will solve this problem

Liberals have yet another sure-fire way to make colleges safer for women: make fraternities co-ed.

Fraternities at liberal Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, will start accepting women as leaders and members over the next few years.

Why this move to feminize frats?

One of the frats gained the rep of being a ‘rape factory,’ so the student government earlier this year recommended to establish coed fraternities as a way to combat sexual assaults. That’s right; moving the potential victims into the same home as their assailants will solve the problem.


Of course, according to the school President and the Trustee Chairman, it was done “with equality and inclusion in mind.”

By the way, we’re still waiting for the stats on how college violence has been reduced by the use of rape whistles, peeing and barfing on the would-be-rapist, and, from Democratic Strategist Zerlina Maxwell’s, “training” men how not to rape. Never-mind, like most liberal proposals, facts are never needed to prove their methods work.

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