Liberal troll’s War on Women

A well known entertainer just accepted a plea deal on a felony charge for spiking a woman’s drink with ecstasy in 2012 while they were on a date.

This video is CeeLo Green’s appearance in court:

The woman woke up naked in his bed with no memory of her evening with the entertainer.

The woman couldn’t pursue sexual assault for lack of evidence.

CeeLo was brazen enough to post these messages on Twitter at the good news that there was no case:

“it is only rape if you are conscious” and

“women who are actually raped remember it”  

Green has deleted his twitter account, but these tweets provide a peek into the history of Ceelo’s encounters with women, and a view held my many Leftists.

Talk about a couple of “how to” tips for serial date-rapists.

The question begs, “How many victims of CeeLo are there who haven’t figured out what happened?”

Apparently, when you look like CeeLo, even celebrity isn’t enough to get laid.

I wonder what the NOW-Generation of women will say about this little troll’s War on Women?

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