MO State Senator has tough words for governor

Maria Chappelle-Nadal, a Missouri state senator and black racist, who is a Democrat and votes Democrat out of stupidit.

She astutely notices that out that while she was getting tear gassed for publicity, Democrat Governor Jay Nixon was enjoying a concert at the Missouri State Fair. As if she expected Jay Nixon to get involved on the ground where a mob of blacks were protesting? Nixon only cares about the black VOTE, not black PEOPLE!

But that’s not the only issue here. Chappelle-Nadal won’t blame herself or other blacks for selecting an incompetent and racist governor, nor will he blame herself or other black leaders for the plight of the black community.

Here is what Chappell-Nadal said of her lInstead she has a few choice words for him.

This is the language of a senator?

I’m tired of these race merchants passing the buck on what’s happening in the black community. It’s the entire “leadership” structure of the Democrats that is racist from top to bottom. They don’t care about their communities, and act as African dictators, just in it for themselves and their cronies.

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