NFL should sue Democrats

I’m rarely surprised when Conservatives are indignant about a wrong, like Ray Rice hitting his wife, and rightfully so. It’s what they do afterwards that bothers me.

Conservatives are PERFECT! That’s what the Left believes, and we are quick to accommodate their thinking. That’s way we never win.

Adrian Peterson spanked his kid too hard, and Rice hit his wife. Lord knows nothing like that has ever happened by Conservatives, right?

So let’s all admit that we are all human and fall short of the glory of God, and thus are all fallible. Should you lose your livelihood?

Sports figures must be drug-free or lose their jobs, while in the “real world,” the Left legalizes marijuana, and most of know people who do worse drugs than that and work. I’m starting a petition that Robert Downey, Jr and Lindsay Lohan NEVER WORK AGAIN!

You think Michael Vick is the only black dude fighting dogs? Negro please!


What exactly does society expect these failed young athletes to do with the rest of their lives? Here’s the lesson should be:

  • Work hard,
  • Become a success,
  • Make a mistake and you are DOOMED?

Oh, and one final lesson: Conservatives don’t make mistakes!

Holy Boehner, Batman we have falling down drunks as leaders in Congress and people seem ok with that. There’s been no outcry to Alec Baldwin’s employers to have him banned, after his treatment of his daughter.

Every major corporation in the world is full of people with domestic assault, child abuse, theft, and so on, but nobody is calling for the heads of those CEOs.

When did we lose the ability to compartmentalize. The NFL is now the new Ferguson over a few incidents among its employees? How has the U. S. Post Office survived?

The frenzy is being created, and like most things in America, the point is being missed.

If you can attack business leader over the incidents of individuals, is anybody safe?

How many CEOs have bitten the dust over a personal statement or an innocuous political declaration? How many corporations are targeted by the Left for a personal belief or misstep of a single employee.

This is not an attack on the NFL, it is an attack on liberty, and specifically capitalism. The Left wants companies to stop manufacturing products, and to focus on social engineering. Certainly companies can stop all the issues plaguing America, if they will just conform to Leftism.

Well it is Leftism that got us here in the first place. The recent NFL stories are about angry young black men who have been able to cover their anger with money. Young men with character issues that become magnified with success.

Nobody cared about their behaviors when they were growing up, because they were great athletes. These young men are not “put in check,” as most don’t have good role models. And though this is not the NFL’s problem, they have done what they can to address it, so many of these men exorcise their demons and become productive members of society.

So don’t blame Roger Goodell or the NFL. Blame Progress Liberal Democrats. They are at fault here. If I were Goodell, I’d sue the Democrats for its treatment of NFL employees. I suggest all the black NFL players follow suit, thereafter.

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