Obama: The Father of ISIS

“ISIS, I am your FAH-ther!”

Obama has proven yet again that his level of incompetence has no end, and the idea of Obama preparing a war strategy should have every American shared “crapless.”


The reason Obama has developed his new “strategy” is, the polls are in.

Overwhelmingly Americans have no confidence in him. And neither does most of the world.

For Obama, strategy means he will do what is necessary…to get the poll numbers up. Obama knows all he has to do is wait for the average Obama voter to fixate on Kim Kardashian’s ass, and things will have returned to normal.

Obama doesn’t believe in American exceptionalism and he detests having to develop a war strategy. Obama’s coalition won’t grow by much, because who wants to fight for a guy who is subject to leave you to golf, fundraise or party! I set the over and under at 10.5, and I take the under.

When the war was unpopular Bush warned America not to consider exiting Iraq too quickly or re-entering the war would be more costly in dollars and lives. The supposedly smartest president ever abandoned Bush’s success in Iraq and scuttled it.

Further, Obama not only exited, he trumpeted the exit; convinced this was the right approach. It was not.

This was obvious to any military strategist, just not America’s Commander in Grief.

Adding insult to injury, Obama didn’t want to arm the Syrian insurgents, saying they are doctors and farmers, or whatever. As if doctors and farmers are not humans willing to fight for their LIVES!

No sense arming them, since they don’t know how to fight. I guess Obama thinks they can’t learn how to fight, and that survival is not an innate part of the human DNA.

Then, in typical Obama-action, he walked back his comments and promptly asked for funding to get these people weapons.

The Commander in Grief believes that Yemen and Somalia are American success stories when it comes to war. When I heard him say this, I immediately mailed him my DVD of Blackhawk Down, so he could watch it on Air Force One, as he heads to Beyonce’s and Jay-Z’s to hang out in Hollyweird.

I guess Obama skipped class that day at War College.

And if we didn’t have enough incredulity, Obama wants to convince us that ISIS is not Islamic. Sure, and fat meat ain’t greasy and cobras make good house pets.

Nobody knew this term ISIS, until Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq. We are told that Obama had been briefed by the CIA about ISIS, and he ignored it.

Well the cancer has metastasized and Obama owns ISIS. ISIS is a monster of Obama’s creation, pure and simple. And we are to believe that ISIS and other terrorists have no safe haven.

America doesn’t have to figure out when ISIS gets here, as ISIS was birthed here.





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