Obama’s immigration policy from Dora the Explorer

Is Illegal Immigration Dora The Explorer’s Fault?

“Hola…yo soy Dora! I’m on my way north to America…do you like to sneak across the border? Me too! C’mon let’s swim the Rio Grande! Or poll vault over the wall into San Diego! President Obama calls us “Dreamers.” He says we can have amnesty. Do you know what amnesty is? Me either…but come on along with my friend Boots and we can have an adventure hiding from La Migra!”

It’s time to have fun and wonder whether the Nickelodeon show “Dora the Explorer” is the catalyst for the boom in illegal immigrant children flooding into America.Dora is a role model for both young Hispanics and non-Hispanics all across the Americas. If you’ve ever watched it you can see right away the not-so-veiled political agenda. A cute, unaccompanied Hispanic girl on an adventure through the jungle with her only companion, a monkey named Boots.

Dora’s got a backpack full of more useful items than a Juarez Coyote.She’s got a map to get where she’s going, Season One of FX’s show The Bridge on her Ipad, and she even has a nemesis; Swiper the Fox is always sneaking around trying to steal her stuff. Let’s not pretend that Swiper the Fox is not so mean-spirited Republican, trying to get Dora’s green card.

Dora speaks both perfect English and perfect Spanish, which is better than anything Speedy Gonzales could ever utter.When I first watched the show with my daughter, I thought, oh…this is geared to help Spanish speaking kids learn English. Then I thought no…it’s supposed to teach English speaking kids Spanish. The truth is neither.

This so-called harmless kids program is to blame for our shameful policy or lack of policy that has been the ruin of thousands of poor Hispanic children. If Dora can make it to America…then Juan can…and Alejandra, and MS-13 and Los Zetas…c’mon everybody let’s go…on and on.

President Obama has proven he only has a couple things he cares about. Golf mostly. But it’s evident that Obama has spent a lot of time watching Dora with his girls and he concluded:

“You know what…Dora deserves to be free. Dora shouldn’t be forced to sneak around in the jungle. She should be able to come out of the shadows…laws be damned and do the jobs Americans won’t do. I’ve got a pen and a phone and I will use it.”

Dora has become a beacon of light to the poor downtrodden Hispanics everywhere, and it’s a matter of time before La Raza demands that Dora replace Lady Liberty in New York Harbor.Time to load up that backpack, get a good map, and pay a gang-lord for safe transit.

“Adios Mama y Papa. I will call when I get to American and get my ObamaPhone!”

What could go wrong?Imagine the poor little Dora wannabes’ horror when they find out how few of them actually even make it to the border…even fewer make it across and then what? No Obama there to greet them. No Dora there to give a hug. Most of them are trafficked into a life of servitude to the drug kingpins. It’s no cartoon and no happy ending. Dora and Boots don’t get to live out the American Dream working in a packing plant on the South Side of  Chicago.

Obama’s immigration policy is that of a child and born of a cartoon.

A.J. Rice is the President and CEO of Publius Productions Inc., a boutique public relations and radio consultation firm. He is an Executive Producer for The Blaze Radio Network, and the former Executive Producer for Laura Ingraham, Monica Crowley and Andrea Tantaros. For interviews or representation email him here: [email protected]

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