ObamaCare will DELIVER! (video)

Want to know how your healthcare will be delivered under ObamaCare?

This video will give you a general idea.


So much for evidence of how people who have cushy union “gov’t” jobs behave, as braindead Liberals will just ignore it. But as with Obama, WE called it. We told them he is a moron, and they didn’t believe us. And like a moron, Obama surrounded himself with people more moronic than he.

Outcome: ObamaCare.

Over the next few months leading up to “open enrollment,” the Left will do a full-court press on how GREAT ObamaCare is. They will claim that the rates are dropping, and that it’s easier to enroll now, and ObamaCare is clicking on all cylinders.

Forget that the site was hacked and they didn’t figure it out for months, and that nobody is actually getting better care.

Like the USPS, ObamaCare will deliver for you!

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