The cold hard stats on Obama as Commander in Chief

Holy mother of all things ugly, have you seen the stats on military deaths under Obama?

It’s like Obama has a vendetta against the American troops. We all know it’s Bush’s fault, right?

Me thinks not.

For all you liberals out there whom still believe that we’re better off with Obama, let’s examine some cold hard facts.

According to  the Coalition Military Fatalities By Year Operation Enduring Freedom, on Bush’s watch, 2001-2008, 630 U.S. armed forces died fighting in Afghanistan. Contrast that with Obama’s tenure from 2009-2014, where 1,714 U.S. armed forces died fighting in Afghanistan. ?Almost triple.

Let’s look at the wounded, shall we?

U.S. armed forces wounded in Afghanistan, Oct. 2001 – Dec. 2008 under Bush was 2,731, while under Obama from Jan. 2009 – Sep. 2012, a whopping 14,943. Understand that we still don’t have the data for the last two years.

Here’s a video that might shock you as well.


I guess when Obama took God out of the military, God said,

“See how you do without me!”

And then there is the issue of rescinding “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.” The numbers are telling, as being openly gay seems to be having a negative impact on outcome. Too bad the military is not just for show, or we could have one helluva runway presentation these days.

Finally, what about the reduction in defense spending and reduction in forces. Only an idiot would do this, and I’m sure I speak for America’s enemies when I say, America has an Idiot-in-Chief.

Would you want to fight under Obama? One can only imagine the morale in the military, unless one of your loved ones is serving in harm’s way. And what of the thousands of Captains that got their walking papers while they were still in theater, or perhap the high ranking officers Obama has fired?

Leadership starts from the top, and as the saying goes, “Shit flows downhill.” That statement could not be more true today.

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