The great immigration delay

Exactly what do we call Obama’s immigration action?

It’s not a law, it’s not a bill, it’s not a mandate…it’s an executive order.

It’s essentially Obama doing a Chippendale-crotch-gyrating g-string flop in the face of Conservative Americans.

Unfortunately for Obama, the g-string fell off and the sock fell out.

Obama has chosen to delay the immigration executive order until after the election. A stay of execution for American citizens and taxpayers; oh, and those who have been waiting to become citizens LEGALLY!

Why the delay?


There are multiple theories, besides the FACT that it would be UNCONSTITUTIONAL. However, the most likely reason is Obama knows the negative impact this unilateral amnesty would create would devastate the Democrats.

Democrats say that allowing millions of freeloaders to enter illegally is good for America. More people on welfare means more money circulating back into the economy. So what the money is stolen from those playing by the rules.

To allow Obama to delay his immigration plan is to capitulate. Obama’s plan is illegal and immoral against the people he is sworn to protect…AMERICANS!

The time is NOT to let Obama know that if he moves forward with this lunacy, his blackness won’t save his boney ass!



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