If only Ray Rice were a Lesbian

I suggest Ray Rice convert to Lesbianism, so life could return to normal for him. He could also become the first trans-sexual to play in the NFL, thus killing two birds with one stone.

What to do with America’s bad boy? (video)


Talk about your double-standard.

I’m not siding with Ray Rice on his assault of his fiancee, as boys are taught not to hit girls. But what are girls taught?

The feminist movement is not teaching girls to embrace womanhood and become ladies. Feminism teaches girls to aspire to be woe-men, as in woe is me.

I’m not talking equal pay and so on, as women have been equal with men on things like this for some time, despite the feminist diatribe. Feminists act as if they can’t get off their whining asses and CREATE opportunities for themselves, and their lack of ascension is due to men. Total BS.

The only thing preventing feminists (or anybody for that matter) from achieving greatness is their smallmindedness and self-loathing.

We live in an age where a “one-percenter” like Sandra Fluke wants free contraceptives! She has the money to pay for her own “meds,” but expects somebody else to do it. Did I mention that feminists are lazy?

And woe be the man who infers that Fluke is a floozy. That misogynist deserves to be tortured in the Medieval way.

Further, if Fluke’s bad decision leads to a “burden,” any idea who should pay for the remedy, Fellas?

Feminists still want double standards, and complain more than black Liberals.

Every issue that comes up like the Ray Rice situation supposedly showcases their oppression.

Women suffer from domestic violence, date rape, and men do nothing but give them the back of our hands and drag them by the hair, at least according to DNC Chairwench Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

With all this male oppression afoot, it’s amazing that the majority of women keep choosing men?

Oh I know…these feminists find and marry the only jewels among men, as the rest of womankind suffers the fate of settling for us “ordinary men.”

I guess there aren’t enough books, TV shows, and examples of how to pick the right dude?

Do girls have mothers, or were they dropped on Earth by UFO from the planet of Vagicon?

Last time I checked, men are not putting a gun to women’s heads and saying “You’re mine.” Let me put that in a way feminists can understand: YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CHOOSE YOUR MAN.

Unlike some cultures, in America women are not assigned a man at the age of six. In fact, here’s how it works:

Boy meets stupid Liberal girl.

Stupid Liberal girl attracted to boy’s good looks and bad attitude.

Boy lies to, cheats on  and beats stupid Liberal girl in an elevator.

Stupid Liberal girl doesn’t give a crap…{she can change him!}

Stupid Liberal girl marries boy.

THEN, stupid Liberal women expect society to relieve them of the burden.

According to the feminists I’m tracking, Ray Rice is suddenly the poster child for all men. But the fact is, Rice is the poster child for how Liberalism creates “bad boys” and stupid girls.

Liberalism manufactures the Ray Rice’s of the world and the girls who love to date them.

Truth be told, if women wanted to change men, they could start by changing themselves.

FUN FACT: If women didn’t STAY with abusive men, there would be no abusive men.

But you won’t hear the media pundits talking about women’s responsibilities. Oh sure, they will say, “Just leave the guy” and blather on. But the problem was solvable long before it became a problem.

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