Secret Service run by Inspect Clousseau

Is the Secret Service trying to kill Obama? It certainly seems that way.

Dumb protecting dumber?

The Secret Service has been distracted by prostitutes and the new Playstations, so Obama has been on his own dealing with fence-jumpers. And he’s still here!


The big issue when Obama was elected was the false Liberal notion of America not wanting a black president. Michelle Obama feared for her husband’s safety, because America was going to kill her man.

Yet, with all the incursions into the White House, including those by rich white party-crashers, the man hasn’t even been touched!

Either Obama is the luckiest man in the world, or his enemies have the intellect of Inspector Clousseau. By his enemies, I mean the Secret Service.

In recently released reports, on Nov 11, 2011 shots were fired at the White House and it took the Secret Service four days to figure it out.

The gunman might have escaped had he not crashed his car after the shooting, and with a bit of help from an eye-witness and Twitter.

A woman in a taxi stopped at a nearby stoplight immediately took to Twitter to describe the actions of “this crazy guy.”

“Driver in front of my cab, STOPPED and fired 5 gun shots at the White House,” she wrote, adding, “It took the police a while to respond.”

The Secret Service had concluded there was no evidence linking the shooting to the White House. I guess they were trying to hit the hot water heater and not the Obamas.

Can’t have people thinking that America’s first black family is in danger; after all the Obamas’ have given us Utopia.
I think the Conservative movement, oft accused of wanting Obama’s head a platter, are content to watch Obama commit personal jihad and cut off his own head.

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