Snooze media and Roger Goodell

The media has a new scandal, and there is blood in the water.

The blood is that of NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell.


After a two-year long hibernation on Benghazi, et al, the media is back at work.

Too bad Ambassador Chris Stevens wasn’t beaten by his Libyan lover, as perhaps we would have persecuted the culprit.

In defense of the media, there hasn’t been much to discuss during the Era of O.

We all know there was no cheating during the Election of 2012, and Obama took no foreign money in financing the richest campaign in history.

Fast and Furious is just a movie, well a series of movies, and not an attempt by the Obama administration to wreak havoc in Mexico to further his lame attempt to make citizens of 20 million Mexicans.

So what we found emails where scientists admit to lying about global warming, we must still sound the alarm bell, so Obama can get paid for air.

The overt racism of Obama’s justice department, who blatantly and selectively enforces laws, and of course Obama is the post-racial president who minds his own business and doesn’t but into police affairs, be they in Boston or Ferguson.

The IRS intimidation of Conservatives is a phony scandal, and though the debt has almost doubled under Obama and he spends a trillion dollars a year more than Bush, the economy is healthy.

Welfare is growing, but according to Pelosi, welfare is stimulus, and though there are no jobs, the jobs report is healthy.

So the media is in a frenzy to find out WHEN the NFL got the tape. Did Roger Goodell lie? How will having a domestic abuser in its midst affect the squeaky clean NFL?

As I said, the media has awakened just in time to tackle the big issues.


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