Sotloff’s untold story?

If you are like me, you were curious as to the journalists who dare run around the Middle East to get the Jihadists’ point of view.

I know that journalist routinely put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of the story, as this video suggests.

But there is no real story with these Muslim animals who wish us dead. We know they hate us, so nothing to see.

Add to this however, the interesting phenomena of Americans joining ISIS and other terror groups to fight against us, and it’s more than a coincidence.

So when I saw a story by Debbie Schussel that provided more insight into Steven Sotloff, things began to click. Schlussel writes:

The newly-beheaded Steven Sotloff lost his head long ago. He was an Islamopandering schmuck who learned Arabic, bragged about loving “Islamic culture” (an oxymoron), loved HAMAS and ISIS, and was an Arab Spring Breaker (my name for all the reporters hanging out in the Middle East cheering on various Muslim rebels and their disastrous consequences). Everything he did was part of his vocation: serving as an apologist for jihad and supporting not just Muslims, but the most extreme Muslims he could find, especially the terrorist variety. Even as he was living and studying in Israel, Sotloff praised the election of HAMAS into power and made a habit of attacking Israel at every chance. I know this because a little over a week ago, I was contacted by some of his friends, many of them anti-American, far-left schmucks. And then I learned more from others who knew him even better (see the letter I received below).

This is a very interesting twist, in that we know how Leftist the media is. The idea that Sotloff was a Jihadist sympathizer is certainly believable. Find out more for yourself, but don’t believe everything you have heard.

An irony may be that the beheading of Jihadist sympathizers could be the rallying cry for Liberals in America to want ISIS and Al Qaeda eliminated!

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