Spike Lee is a sellout (video)

Spike Lee says there is a war on black males. He’s right. It’s black males at war with black males, and Spike Lee is the Head Negro In Charge.

Lee doesn’t like the facts about black teens and crime stats, because he can’t make his stupid race-baiting movies unless there is controversy. Without racial discord, Spike Lee would have no future.


Michael Brown, Jr. wasn’t even buried, and Spike Lee was securing the movie rights to his story. Rights to a story of which Lee knew nothing about.

Lee has no idea whether Michael Brown was truly innocent, and certainly had no information to the cop’s side of the story, but he already had movie posters, and t-shirt ready to sell.

Holy Michael Moore, Lee is a profiteer. He profits on the notion that black people are oppressed, as he lives a very “unoppressed” lifestyle.

Consider that this little racist rat attends Knicks games with thousands of white people, and Spike walks by all of those “white devils” to sit courtside. Who has white privilege!?

Rosa Parks is rolling over in her grave at the audacity of that black nationalist sellout. Lee is not attacked by all those mean white people. I guess Spike just puts his “blackness” aside, since they all are bounded together for a Knicks’ victory.

I would like to ask Spike Lee this question: Are there any white people you like?

The likely answer is yes. Lee loves guilty white people who buy into his nonsense, and help him finance his films. But as Delroy Lindo said in Get Shorty,

“I’ve seen better film on teeth.”


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