St. Louis thinks it’s Chicago

Chicago is famous for many things; pizza, the Cubs not winning a World Series in over a hundred years, and being the home of the worst president in American history.

Chicago is also famous (actually infamous) for its crime, especially gun crime.

Nearly every Monday morning you can turn on a TV or radio Chicagoans are treated to the dismal weekend crime report that makes Dodge City look like Disney World.

But Chicago has competition.


Most people are unaware of the amount of crime in St. Louis, and the fact that per capita, it’s higher than Chicago. Ferguson shined to light on the St. Louis area for a while, but for the most part the major crime problem has been ignored.

Recently in the span of twenty four hours, six homicides occurred in St. Louis, including a rolling gun battle in which an innocent bystander was killed doing the unthinkable–sitting at a stoplight in the afternoon on his way home from work.

Witnesses to the shooting said that it appeared that one car waited for another vehicle to come over a hill on a highway overpass in North St. Louis, then begin firing over 50 times.

All victims are black, and all perps are suspected to be black. That’s why this story is under-reported.

St. Louis often compares itself to Chicago, embarrassingly so when you consider that you can fit the downtown of St. Louis in about a six-block radius in Chicago, and never see it. St. Louis, a city who had almost one million people at the turn of the 2oth Century, and now has just over 300,000 denizens.

But a small segment of those 300,000 people are bad to the bone.

For liberals like Gov Jay Nixon and race pimps like Jesse and Al, six people dying is just another night in the ‘hood. Another night of gunshots, another night of innocent people, often children, being caught in the crossfire.

Dionne Flowers is the Alderwoman for the area where the rolling gun battle took place, Kimberly Gardner (D) is the State Rep. Where are they in this tragedy? Why are they not at the front of the line of marchers and protestors? Oops, there aren’t any.

If only one of these black people had been shot by a cop.

Pizza and great baseball are things we can be proud of in St. Louis. Leave the crime stats in Chicago.

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