Why companies leave America

I don’t blame Burger King for moving to Canada. Keep in mind this is the company who brought America the GAY Whopper. They were the belle of the ball, when they were supporting LGBT causes, but let them want to escape taxes, and all bets are off.

Yes Canada has a corporate tax rate that’s 15% lower than the US, but that’s not the only advantage. Canada offers certainty, versus the uncertainty of a black madman intent on breaking the back of the best country in existence.

The U.S. government’s response is to attempt to prevent Burger King or any other oppressed capitalists from leaving the country.


Funny how Leftist want to extol the virtues of [insert failed European country here], unless it involves reducing taxes. Trillions of dollars are trapped offshore, and will not return to the U.S. until Liberals are no longer in charge. Forget that capitalism works, and lower taxes on true capitalists grows the economy.

So what there is evidence this work, while Liberalism in the form of socialism/communism has NEVER worked. Liberals don’t care about results, just effort.

Burger King is nothing in the scheme of things, particularly when compared to Apple, Google, and other much larger organizations already profiteering offshore. Ironically, many of these companies are in cahoots with the government.

I’m not sure who’s getting played between those two. For sure the American taxpayers are.

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