Chechen leader’s very different message to ISIS

In case you were wondering how a REAL man would respond to an ISIS threat of invasion, check out The leader of Chechnya, and ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Ramzan Kadyrov responded to an Islamic State threat against Chechnya, saying

“…these bastards will be destroyed…[we] will wring the neck of any enemy in his own lair.”

Apparently Kadyrov has better things to do than “manage” ISIS.

Destruction of ISIS is faster, and you don’t have to call a babysitter, when you want a night out or a golf adventure.

Kadyrov reacted to a video posted by ISIS, where ISIS threatened that Russian Putin would be toppled for his ongoing support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, thus liberating Muslim Chechnya. ISIS terrorists referred to Kadyrov as a puppet of Putin.

I like that Kadyrov called out ISIS, and I hope that the European countries begin taking a fierce stance against Islam. The world has seen the pendulum swing far enough in allowing the brutality of the Islamic terrorists. It’s time for reckoning.

Even Leftist pukes like Al Franken realize that they are creating these jihadists, as he now wants answers (video):

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