What’s up with Oklahoma Jihadists?

Move over Crips, Blood, and MS-13, there’s a new gang in town, and it’s called the Jihadists.

Yet another jihadist threatened to cut off the head of a co-worker in Oklahoma!

Oklahoma is a gun-totin’ state, so one can only imagine how many Californians will soon lose their heads when Islam strikes.

Welcome to Barack Obama’s “Home Grown Terrorist Network,” as this Okee Jihadi was terrorizing a nursing home. Who knows, perhaps this is just part of ObamaCare, a programmed called, Jihadist End of Life.

Jacob Mugambi Muriithi, a 30 year-old newly converted Muslim from {ahem} Kenya was going to behead a nursing home resident because he

. . .represented ISIS and that ISIS kills Christians. This is is just what we do.”

This latest incident comes just shortly after another Okee Jihadi and Islam convert took to the sword successfully:


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