White Feminists love killing black babies

The real war on women is the white Liberal feminists getting even with black women.

These feminist frauds act as if they want choice in their bodies, but their real agenda is to denigrate black women, women whom they still resent for the past acts of their lecherous, slave-owning, rapist Democrat husbands.


Slave women in America were property with no rights, particularly over their bodies. For today’s feminist to discuss “choice” over their bodies is a joke in comparison.

Slave women were at the whim of their masters, so one can only imagine the sexual deviance by these Democrat men, as they brutalized their chattel. Many white women sat idly by as their men “had their way” with the help. Once the slaves were free, the attention of these now thoroughly lecherous men were turned back onto their women. Imagine for a bit how these gentile white women would take to the demands of their men who had been with slave women who had no choice but to do whatever their masters wanted.

The animus of these women had been festering for decades, and not just for their husbands. These white women resented black slave women and the mulatto children of these former slaves.

As Dr. Alveda King said in 2013:

One can’t help but consider if disregard for the value of women and children is still at the root of abortion today. Consider this, many if not all of the women abolitionists should have been the forerunners of the Pro-Life Movement. Instead, we have a counterfeit “Women’s Rights Movement” which supports abortion…

So the frustrated slave women often aborted their babies (Pure Breed and Mulatto) voluntarily as an act against sustaining future oppression. The Angry Caucasian Wives often coerced or forced abortion on their husband’s “Black Beauties” as a means of retaliation against their own brand of experienced oppression.

Feminists are just selfish, self-indulged mean-spirited Liberal woman. They pick the wrong men, because they and their mates have no moral core. They then want society to absorbs their problems.



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