White Liberals’ War on BLACK Women

Black women are more educated than their counterparts, or so say the statistics.

More black women are graduation from college than black men. Few will argue at the gains of black women, when three of the most iconic women in America are black women: Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Beyonce.


So what do black women have to complain about, right?

Not only are there many black women succeeding, they have their powerful black men (Oprah notwithstanding) beside them. America solved all its problems with the election of a black president, and of course his best buddy Jay-Z. As black Liberals seem to suggest, black people leading other black people is the remedy.

That is why the Congressional Black Caucus is in place. That organization has been in place since 1969, and the objective of the organization was to give black people a voice in politics. To change the culture of Congress.

The CBC is replete with powerful black woman, even more boisterous and well-known than the men of the CBC. Who doesn’t know Maxine Waters or Sheila Jackson Lee, both icons of ignorance.

These loudmouths have done the bidding of their white women Democrat masters, and the average black woman suffers immensely. Despite all the so-called gains for black women, they cannot find J-O-B-S.

A National Women’s Law Center study indicates black women represent 12.5 percent of female work force, yet 42 percent of jobs lost during this Era of Blackness have been lost by black women.

When you consider that black females run the majority of households in “black America,” that statistic doesn’t bode well.

Black women may have their black female icons to admire, but none of those women feel the ordinary black woman’s pain; the pain of finding a good man. I take that one back, as even the three examples above have their crosses to bear. But none of those icons knows how to pump gas or grocery shop. They have no idea of the plight of regular black women, unless a staffer whispers it to them.

One of these days, black Liberals will get it, and I predict it will be black women who get it first.

Perhaps we should consider why black women are losing jobs at such a rapid pace? Liberals have the answer, as Liberals are at war with black women.

Liberal white women are obsessed with equality…for Liberal white women. If they cared about black women, the stats would show it.

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