You won’t believe why this black PR guy was fired

The Left’s response to solving “black” problems is to put “blackface” on it.

So when things were blown up in Ferguson by Leftist provocateurs, the thing to do was what Missouri Governor Jay Nixon did: put black people in power. The outcome was predictable, as there was even more black violence.

In a related move, a black man was hired for public relations for the city of Ferguson. He wasn’t appointed by the white Republican Mayor of Ferguson, nor was it the white police chief, but it was the racist white face of Liberalism.

And as with all things Liberals, it ultimately fails.


Devin James, hired to quell the blood-thirsty public after the death of Michael Brown, Jr failed, and he has been fired. Aside from the fact that he has been a failure, the bigger issue is that James is a convicted killer.

James came to work for the city about two weeks after Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson killed the Brown on August 9th. The city fired their original PR firm, after they were criticized for not hiring a minority owned firm.

Needless to say, all the people involved in the hiring of James are saying they were unaware of his murder conviction.

Liberals who use prison as a badge of honor now disavow one of their own?

A statement from St. Louis Economic Development Partnership issued a statement Friday saying:

“We have asked Elasticity, our contracted communications firm, to release Devin James from his subcontractor role, due to a lack of transparency. While we admire his personal growth from difficult circumstances and commend him for his high quality work in Ferguson, it was the lack of information about his background that prompted us to make this move. Mr. James failed to inform us of his prior conviction. He also did not reveal this information to Elasticity when he was hired as a subcontractor. As of today, we are developing new vendor due diligence policies which we believe will prevent similar incidents in the future.”

According to the St. Louis Post Dispatch, James was being paid $154.10 an hour. Nice job if you can get it. That’s post-retirement Eric Holder kind of money, and for a murderer.

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