Try this app to be sure your date is interested

Our copulation is a no-go unless my iPhone app states you’re a go-go.

With the  Good2Go app, two people shoot each other questions to see if they are interested in “hooking up.”

California parents designed it, but thankfully Apple pulled the app because of all the legal questions it raises. Legal questions is all that got in the way!
Let’s make a game of sexual encounters and let the audience vote?
 The idea here is to prevent misunderstandings when it comes to the dating scene. God forbid that a person make a overture and get shot down. Who knows the trauma that could create in the mind of a person?
I can see the ads for this app:
Did she just give you a “buy” sign? Or will you be accused of harassment? Why not be SURE!

No wonder people are going gay. It seems like the only people who can’t be accused of harassment are the gays. As for the NOT Gays, well you’d better take all the romance out and just ask the question:

Are you interested enough in me to consent to sex? If so, I have these documents for you to sign, and my attorney will witness, and act as notary.

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