Apparently the St. Louis Cardinals shot Michael Brown

Just once I’d like to see a city councilman of character kick the crap out of somebody who get in his or her face. I assure you, that’s what I would do.

It’s one thing to voice your opinions, concerns, or frustrations, but it’s another to call people out who are in many ways helpless to the system. These people must follow the law, and not act on emotion. No lynchings will happen here, as these Democrats have learned their lesson and repented from their evil pasts.

That doesn’t stop the populace from being ignorant, the very people who voted for the people to who they threaten. If I ran the City of St. Louis, I would DARE people to act on their violence about Michael Brown. No more talk…just do it!


If you think there was a police presence during the Loot-A-Palooza disguised as concern for the Brown family, wait until you see what I would unleash on their asses.

These disingenuous pieces of crap don’t care about Michael Brown any more than they care about the black people killed each day by other black people. I suggest the city issue a threat:

If another black teen is killed by a black person in a black neighborhood, the city will start kicking in doors of every registered Democrat and beat the hell out of you!

The situation is so ridiculous, a guy threatened violence during the St. Louis Cardinals Championship Series games being held in St. Louis. Apparently a St. Louis Cardinal baseball player shot Michael Brown, Jr?

In response, the city upped the police force, setting up a perimeter far from the stadiums. Only ticket holders could get inside the perimeter, leaving any disruption far from the stadium.

The race-pimping, so-called black leader’s grievance the Cardinals should honor the death of a thug black teen and empty a 40 in his honor. Who knew the role of major league baseball, and specifically the Cardinals is to recognize social injustice. Here I thought they just played baseball.

Why not demand the Cardinals dedicate the game, no the series, no the World Series this year should they go on to win it, to the life of Michael Brown and the struggle of black people to make it in this racist world.

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